Video Competition

Video Competition

Results will be announced in the blog on January 20, 2019

You must create a video that adheres to the following Request for Proposal (RFP):

2018/19 RFP

This RFP has not been released yet.

a) All teams must consist of between 4 and 12 students aged 15 to 18.  If your team is made up of fewer then 4 people, please get in touch with us. All team members must be 18 or under for the international finals in August 2019.

b) There must be a group shot of the entire team at the end of your video.

c) Video entries are limited to 3 minutes long. Judges will give equal value to:

(i) Scientific accuracy
(ii) Imagination and creativity
(iii) Communication and enthusiasm
(iv) Effectiveness at meeting the Request for Proposal (RFP). Entrants are expected to make reasonable assumptions about aspects not covered by the RFP.

d) To submit an entry, teams must:

  1. Upload their video to Youtube and post it as unlisted.
  2. Fill out this spreadsheet: Video Competition Team Registration Spreadsheet
  3. Email the spreadsheet filled out to Good Luck!
For the 2018-19 competition, a 12 member team will be chosen to represent the the Middle East and Africa at the International Space Settlement Design Competition at NASA's Kennedy Apace Center, USA.

Results will be announced in the blog on January 20, 2019

2018/19 Video Competition RFP